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Transportation: An Important "Where To Live" Factor for Adults
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Transportation: An Important "Where To Live" Factor for Adults

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Transportation is an important, yet often overlooked factor for older adults to evaluate where to live. While many “where to live” guides and sites provide helpful information on housing costs, income opportunities, tax rates, and other criteria to consider when picking one’s retirement residence, typically transportation offerings for seniors are typically ignored (as far as I know).

Boston, Massachusetts, the metro market where I live, is an exception to this rule.

Recently I came across a very helpful page guide on “Transportation and Escort Services” (for the Elderly and Persons with disabilities in Greater Boston). Most recently issued in September 2015, this free 40+ page guide, is published by FriendshipWorks (, a Boston-based nonprofit whose ongoing mission is “to replace social isolation with the warmth and comfort that only a caring and dedicated friend can provide.”

The FriendshipWorks Transportation Guide is conveniently organized with contact information, eligibility, and other details (such as escort service, and wheelchair access) for a wide range of free and low-cost transportation options for seniors living in greater Boston including:

  • Agencies
  • Councils on Aging (for individual towns)
  • Taxis
  • Ambulances
  • PACE Programs (Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) for Medicaid recipients

Looking it over – I can recommend it as a wonderful model of a comprehensive “go-to” resource for age-friendly organizations in cities across the country to adapt for their communities.

Click here to see and download a PDF file version of the guide:

Are local government agencies and nonprofits helping to make transportation age friendly in your city or town?

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