Massachusetts Lasell Village

Lasell Village celebrating 20 years of education and innovation.

Senior Living on the Campus of Lasell University

Lasell Village is a vibrant Life Plan Community located on the beautiful campus of Lasell University in Newton, MA.  It offers its residents a lifestyle of learning and well-being supported by college-level classes, exercise facilities, and health services that include varying levels of care. 

Nestled on 13 leafy acres in the Boston suburb of Newton, MA, Lasell Village is the United States’ first and only CCRC located on the campus of a certified Age-Friendly University.  For twenty years villagers have been arriving from next door and across the U.S drawn by their desire to make a home in a community that loves to learn, one filled with stimulating, engaged people and served by caring dedicated professionals. 

The benefits to Villagers and students are endless,” says Lasell Village Education Director John Dixon.  “The University assumes that if something is happening on campus, Villagers should be invited to participate.” Their life experience and wisdom benefit the students; students’ curiosity and energy enrich the lives of residents.  Dixon partners with each resident to develop a personalized learning plan comprising 450 hours of educational offerings, from fitness classes to cultural events to courses at the Village or the University.  Our residents act in plays, attend prominent visiting speaker presentations, take classes from printmaking to biology, and have the opportunity to initiate courses in areas that fascinate them, like American Sign Language.

“I love it all:” says Lasell Village resident and retired genetics Professor Judith Tsipis, “the people, the activities, the classes, but most of all, the community.”

Partnerships between universities and senior communities are on the rise, but “no one is doing it the way we do,” says Cheryl Sacks, Lasell Village Director of Marketing and Sales.  Call 617-663-7044 to schedule a tour of Lasell Village or visit

Lasell University is home to the Rosemary B. Fuss Center for Research on Aging and Intergenerational Studies, a research partner to the University and Village.

Lasell Village 120 Seminary Avenue, Auburndale, MA 02466

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