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Boston Medical Center

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Medical Center

Boston, MA
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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is the government agency that developed this star rating system. It is based on how well a hospital performs across different areas of quality, such as treating heart attacks and pneumonia, readmission rates and safety of care.
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I've been using BBC for 11 years. Best decision I ever made!
Every person I have dealt with has been kind, patient, and really listens to me. Not one doctor has typed into the computer while I was speaking. I always feel heard and never rushed.

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Every doc I have ever had there for 20 years has been kind, thoughtful, a great listener, with a super bedside manner. Great diagnosticians. The nurses are conscientious, supportive, caring. Why they've only got 2 stars from the government I will never know. I wouldn't be comfortable anywhere else.

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