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Member of the World Health Organization Global Network of age friendly Cities and Communities

Philadelphia, often called Philly, is the largest city in the U.S. state and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the sixth-most populous U.S. city, with a 2017 census-estimated population of 1,580,863

The Philadelphia Corporation on Aging has a mission to to improve the quality of life for older Philadelphians and those with disabilities and to assist them in achieving the greatest possible levels of health, independence and productivity. Services Include:
  1. Protective Services: PCA’s Older Adult Protective Services’ role is to help detect, prevent, reduce or eliminate: Self-neglect, Neglect by a caregiver, Physical, sexual or psychological abuse, Misuse of the older adult’s money or personal property, Abandonment
  2. Emergency Services: Emergency programs can help seniors with food, housing and utilities; and help victims of crime.
  3. Care at Home: Home-based care can enable individuals to stay in their own homes, and remain independent.

Contacts642 North Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130-3424
Phone: 215-765-9000
Email: [email protected]
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The North East section of Philadelphia or the Rhawn section has several senior home activity centers and an affordable living facility for ages 55 plus.
The ages varies. In my community, specifically there are a lot of "age-friendly" residents but there's also an fair amount of "age unfriendly" residents. Most elders ranges from 40-87 and the youth ranges from Infant- 25 years old. There are an great amount of personal and local transportation in the neighborhood. There are different fundraisers to help assist the elderly and youth with food and community engagement. There is an mediocre amount of education provided but there are a lot of jobs for the youth.
Very age friendly! Livability easy( limited outside steps, wide streets and alot of off street parking. All of the above makes access to getting around easier and piece of mind knowing the people in your surroundings.
This is a rural area wherein most know each other even though they may be young or old, or native to the area or transplants from another area. Friendliness seems to be infectious within all who live here.
It's not really a safe place to hid growing up in North Philadelphia. There is a lot of violence in my neighborhood and very little if any hope to be great in life.

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How did Pennsylvania earn the grade of B+? We examined the state taxes based on how age friendly they are. Pennsylvania has a state sales tax of 6.00%. Of particular interest is that Pennsylvania does not have taxes on social security. There are no estate taxes. There are taxes imposed on inheritance. Pennsylvania has an effective property tax rate of 1.55%. Weighing these taxes and other taxes most likely to impact the aging population is how Pennsylvania earned its state tax grade of B+.

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