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Member of the World Health Organization Global Network of age friendly Cities and Communities
Macy's Jazz Festival. by Unknown author is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Cincinnati is a city in the U.S. state of Ohio and seat of Hamilton County. Settled in 1788, the city was located at the north side of the confluence of the Licking River to the Ohio.

The city drives the Cincinnati–Middletown–Wilmington combined statistical area, which had a population of 2,172,191 in the 2010 census. With a population of 298,800, Cincinnati is the third-largest city proper in Ohio and the 65th-biggest in the United States. It is the fastest growing economic power in the Midwestern United States and the 28th-biggest metropolitan statistical area in the United States. Cincinnati is also within one day's drive of two-thirds of the United States populace.
In the nineteenth century, Cincinnati was an American boomtown in the heart of the country; it rivaled the larger coastal cities in size and wealth. Throughout much of the 19th century, it was listed among the top 10 U.S. cities by population, surpassed only by New Orleans and the older, established settlements of the United States eastern seaboard; and sixth-biggest city for a period spanning reports from 1840 until 1860. As Cincinnati was the first city founded after the American Revolution as well as the first major inland city in the country, it is thought of as the first purely "American" city.
Cincinnati developed with fewer European immigrants or influence than eastern cities attracted in the same period; however, it received a significant number of German immigrants, who founded many of the city's cultural institutions. By the end of the 19th century, with the shift from steamboats to railroads drawing off freight shipping, trade patterns had altered and Cincinnati's growth slowed considerably. The city was surpassed in population by other inland cities, particularly Chicago, which developed based on commodity exploitation and the railroads, and St. Louis, for decades after the Civil War the gateway to westward migration.
Cincinnati is home to two major sports clubs, the Cincinnati Reds, the oldest team in Major League Baseball, and the Cincinnati Bengals of the National Football League. The University of Cincinnati, founded in 1819, is one of the 50 largest in the United States. Cincinnati is known for its historic architecture. In the late 1800s, Cincinnati was commonly referred to as "Paris of America", due mainly to such ambitious architectural projects as the Music Hall, Cincinnatian Hotel, and Shillito Department Store. Cincinnati is also the birthplace of William Howard Taft, the 27th President of the United States.
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This area is age freindly because there is a large senior community that resides in this area. There is great public transportation to the shopping centers, retirement and several geriatric nursing facilities. In this area there are also twelve svhools (public and private) which makes this area a good family friendly based community. Some of our schools are interactive with the four public housing for the disabled and elderly. This area is also enriched with several churches of different denominations. Our community is family and multi age oriented for everyone.
There are pretty many age friendly living facilities and apartments. Most places have ramps for handicapped. You can apply for Access (senior/disability) transportation. Medicaid transportation is available for those on Medicaid. There are senior groups at Cincinnati Recreation Centers.
I've lived here in Cincinnati all my life. This city is good for any age. I'm a senior citizen now and we agencies to help guide us into senior citizen living, retirement, part-time employment, health care facilities.
We live in a predominately Jewish neighborhood, which means that there ar a lot of walkers on the streets, especially on Saturdays. While there are numerous incidents of crime within the city, the people in my community don't get harassed. Personally, I just finished a temporary job that was finished around 12, when he buses stop running in my neighborhood. I have to walk a mile at midnight, and the scariest thing about the walk are the lizards and other small creatures. There aren't many tall buildings, and all of the modern stores have ramps. There is also a senior living community about a mile from where I live.
There are all types of activities and community engagement in the area. My small children are easily entertained, as am I and since one of my children is in a wheelchair, I always check out how accessible the neighborhoods we choose are and access to what we want and need.

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How did Ohio earn the grade of C? We examined the state taxes based on how age friendly they are. Ohio has a state sales tax of 5.75%. Of particular interest is that Ohio does not have taxes on social security. There are no estate taxes. There are no taxes imposed on inheritance. Ohio has an effective property tax rate of 1.56%. Weighing these taxes and other taxes most likely to impact the aging population is how Ohio earned its state tax grade of C.

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